LAT Water raise £4.7m to spur sustainable wastewater solutions

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LAT Water, a Berkshire-based developer of sustainable wastewater treatment solutions, has raised £4.7m in a funding round led by IW Capital.

LAT Water
Image by Jean-Pierre Pellissier from Pixabay

The funding will be used to spur LAT Water’s commercial growth following early success in the UK and China.

Project aims to recycle industrial wastewater and heat

Australian team uses electricity to clean up industrial wastewater

"IW share our direction, motivation and ambition and we are excited to begin this partnership,” Mark Hardiman, LAT Water CEO said in a statement. “This funding enables us to push forwards our targets of providing innovative, sustainable, low-cost solutions for wastewater treatment."

The LAT technology process separates and recovers clean water from contaminated industrial water using waste heat. The system is said to be highly scalable and can be installed for treating flows from one to over 1,000 cubic metres per day of effluent, delivering up to 60 per cent cost savings for the operator whilst reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

According to LAT Water, the process is capable of treating wastewater for a range of applications, including wastewater from landfill sites. In this application, the process helps with the odour associated with such sites as well as reducing the need to transport waste off-site for treatment.

The company’s first installation at the Daxin landfill, in Shenyang, China, has been successfully operating for over two years and has been followed by the construction of a showcase facility at a Viridor site in England.

The 21-month pilot project at Viridor’s Broadpath Landfill site in Devon uses low-grade heat from Viridor’s landfill gas engines at ambient pressure to concentrate leachate and extract water. Backed by a £548,000 government grant, the project aims to achieve environmental benefits in retaining the water resource while reducing CO₂ emissions by a potential 80 per cent reduction in tankering requirements.

"We are very excited to invest in this innovative water treatment company that is positioned to make a major positive impact in addressing the climate crisis,” said Luke Davis, CEO of IW Capital. “It is inspiring to see the steps the company is taking in addressing what is a growing problem for industries worldwide. We look forward to supporting LAT’s experienced management team and help deliver future growth."