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• ½” square drive impact driver with 165Nm torque • Straight shears cut 1.6mm mild steel

Makita continues to expand the comprehensive range of power tools featuring the values of Lithium-ion battery cell technology. The latest tools to be added to the established 50+ range includes a lightweight 14.4v impact wrench that delivers a massive 165Nm of torque, two straight cut metal shears that will cut 1.6mm mild steel or 1.2mm in stainless, which is equal capacities to mains electric powered shears.

The new Makita 14.4v Li-ion BTW152 impact driver is a ½ inch square drive machine that will run up to 2,400rpm and delivers up to 3,200 impacts per minute and a massive maximum of 165Nm of turning torque. Powered by a 3.0Ah Lithium-ion battery, and weighing just 1.5kgs, the BTW152 is a powerful, compact assembly tool suitable for many types of installation and assembly operations.

Available in 14.4v and 18v versions the new Makita BJS160 and BJS161 straight cut metal shears extend the cutting capacity of the BJS130 model. The two new shears can cut up to 1.6mm in mild steel, 1.2mm in stainless steel and 2.5mm in aluminium. The 18v model, BJS161, weighs just 2.0kgs with the 14.4v model 1kg less. The shears operate at up to 4,300 strokes per minute and have a minimum cutting radius of 250mm. The shear anvil blade is fully adjustable and both machines have a battery capacity warning light. A safety function, similar to that found on the Li-ion cordless grinder, which protects the operator and machine from restarting if a replacement battery is installed without the machine being formally switched off. In this condition, the shear will not start until it has been switched off and then switched to restart. The Makita Li-Ion cells take just 22 minutes to recharge.

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