Shredders and Hägglunds a formidable

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Napier Recovery Systems were invited to develop recycling machines

Alternative methods investigated for this plant were:

1) Diesel mechanical, comprising the engine with a clutch into a large gearbox driving one rotor and bull gears on the rear end driving the second rotor. This arrangement was considered to be unsuitable for the shredder control needed and for reversing of shredder rotors on maximum load.

2) Diesel electric; was considered unsuitable for high powered machines due to the size and high cost of the diesel generators, required to cope when the main electric motors went into maxi¬mum load conditions.

3) The solution chosen was a hydraulic drive system together with a diesel, which gave the best value for money providing full control of the shredding machine, including importantly the ancillary equipment. The compact direct drive offered by the hydraulic drive system and torque characteristics of the hydraulic motors ensured that even at stalling conditions in the shredder, the rotors provided two or three times the nominal torque. This gives a for¬midable shredding performance and even when something jams in the rotors, the same torque is available in reverse to free up the machine. A feature not available with other systems.

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