Versatile resistor arrays

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Vishay Intertechnology

has released new resistor arrays with matched tolerances down to 0.1 %. The arrays are said to combine four thin film resistors into a single package with a footprint of 1.6 mm by 3.2 mm, a 40 % reduction when compared to the use of four discrete 0603 resistors.

The new Vishay Beyschlag ACAS 0612 series resistor arrays are available in both precision and professional versions. They have absolute TCR down to ± 25 ppm/ K, and tracking TCR as low as 10 ppm/ K. The devices are offered in industry-standard resistance values from 100 ; to 221 k; in numerous configurations including four equal, four different, or two equal value pairs. Matched values for applications such as precision voltage dividers are also available from stock.

Vishay says ACAS 0612 precision resistor arrays deliver high repeatability and stable performance in automotive, industrial and, audio applications. They are suitable for all circuits where designers need close control over the actual resistance present, including feedback circuits, sensing, signal conditioning, measurement bridges, input voltage dividers for analogue and digital circuits, and bus terminations.

By reducing component count, ACAS 0612 resistor arrays simplify design and reduce assembly time and complexity, as well as component procurement. Each resistance element is rated to 0.1 W dissipation, up to a maximum of 0.3 W per package. Operating voltage of 75 V and maximum film temperature of 125 °C allow designers to benefit from the multi-chip features offered by ACAS 0612 arrays in the majority of applications that demand precision resistors.

Vishay adds that the new devices are RoHS-compliant and compatible with tin/lead (Sn/Pb) and lead (Pb)-free soldering processes. Compliance with EU vehicle end of life directives makes the ACAS 0612 series particularly attractive to automotive designers, for sensing and control applications such as automatic drive train controls, precision engine management, and comfort features such as automatic climate control.

In addition to full compliance with these directives, 2000/53/EC End of Vehicle life (ELV) and 2000/53/EC Annex II to End of Vehicle Life (ELV II), the ACAS 0612 series also meets further CEFIC-EECA-EICTA legal restrictions on hazardous substances. These include 2002/95/EC Restriction of the use of Hazardous Substances (RoHS), and 2002/96/EC Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE). The new arrays are also compatible with conventional Sn/Pb reflow, wave and vapour-phase soldering processes, facilitating migration of existing products to lead (Pb)-free in time for implementation of the RoHS and WEEE directives.