Build a People's Car

1 min read

With pollution and congestion uppermost in most pub or parliamentary conversations, why can’t the UK produce a single/double seat car – with an electric motor and a small diesel-powered generator on board – at the old Longbridge Rover plant, to a design much like the Smart car?

It would be green (big vote there) and small (another big vote) and if this government was really serious it could waive VAT, road tax and fuel tax and sell it on credit schemes, including lease, to encourage motorists to buy it as a commuter vehicle. Such a vehicle would be economical to run, and would make parking – at home or at work – so much easier.

You could even convince drivers that their taxes in motoring and congestion charges are actually being ploughed back into the UK to tackle our road problems.

Graham Loakes

ERA Products

West Midlands