Kitagawa Launches Two New Rotary Tables at EMO

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Workholding and machining equipment supplier, Kitagawa Europe has used EMO to launch the MR201 and TW2180 high productivity NC rotary tables for the UK and European market.

Building on the proven capabilities of Kitagawa’s MR series units, the MR201 achieves a clamping torque of 820 Nm from a standard 0.5 MPa pneumatic supply – more than twice the performance of the range’s MR200 model. It also provides a maximum indexing speed of 41.6 rev/min – up 25% on the MR200 – and incorporates the compact design and excellent indexing accuracy of other MR series units, making it an ideal choice for a wide variety of high speed, rotary axis machining applications. The new unit also features a 202 mm diameter faceplate and a compact motor casing for maximum machining flexibility.

Kitagawa’s TW2180 is an advanced twin spindle table, tilting axis rotary unit capable of supporting simultaneous machining operations of two workpieces in a single set up. It measures just 999 mm wide and features two 180 mm diameter tables with maximum indexing speeds of 33.3 rev/min. In addition, the new TW2180 provides a tilt range of +110 degrees of vertical and a tilt axis speed of up to 16.6 rev/min.

With clamping torques of 400 Nm in the rotary axis and up to 800 Nm in the tilting axis, the TW2180 is also suitable for aggressive, high speed machining operations.

The unit can also be fitted with an optional rotary joint to allow pneumatic or hydraulic fixtures to be used without external pipework, improving tool access and increasing the available machining area.


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