Energy-saving LED flash for signal towers

1 min read


The signal device manufacturer WERMA has launched a new light-intensive LED flash for its KombiSIGN 50 signal tower. The extremely bright, attention-grabbing flash is clearly visible even in direct sunlight. The LED technology ensures low power consumption thus reducing the electricity bill and being environmentally friendly. Even with regular use, the LED flash will probably as long as the machine it is guarding.

The WERMA KombiSIGN 50 signal tower is a modular signal tower system, enabling a range of different optical and audible signalling elements to be mounted one above each other in any desired sequence. With an AS-interface accessory, the signal tower with a diameter of just 50 millimetres, can be equipped with full communication capabilities. A comprehensive range of accessories enables it to be mounted in virtually any position. The so called foldaway base even enables the KombiSIGN 50 to be folded down, facilitating the transport of the machine or installation.