The LCP/S is a precision, lever-operated test stand featuring a rack-and-pinion with reinforced crosshead, whose movement is controlled by an ergonomic lever. Each rotation of the lever moves the crosshead by 47mm.

Rated up to 500N (110 lbf) in tension and compression it features an adjustable stop, which limits the movement of the crosshead.

This makes the LCP/S particularly suited to force testing applications where you need to take a quick and clear load reading at a fixed single position.

Compact and portable it can be bench-mounted for use in a vertical position.

Crosshead movement over its 170mm travel can be measured by fitting an optional digital height scale.

Choose from the range of Mecmesin digital force gauges to select the most appropriate instrument to measure the load.

Key Features:

  • A quick-acting lever to rapidly position the crosshead
  • Adjustable stop for repetitive testing to a fixed depth
  • High precision (when used in combination with Mecmesin's Advanced Force Gauge)
  • Measures displacement through an optional digital height scale
  • Compact and portable
  • Ideal for quick and simple tests

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