Birmingham students take gold at Fast Trackers 2019

Electrical engineering students from South & City College Birmingham have achieved first place in the National Finals for the interactive student rail engagement programme, Fast Trackers 2019.

Cathy Travers (Regional General Manager for Europe and UK, Mott MacDonald), Ainsworth Miller, Jordan Trimble, Kevin Kumbuckal, Bee Narga-Martin, Laurence Way, Mark Bhagwandeen & Dyan Crowther (CEO, High Speed 1).

Based around the continuing development of High Speed Two (HS2), the programme aims to inspire students to continue into higher education engineering, creating an increased uptake on graduate-level jobs within the industry as a result. The 2019 challenge saw Level 3 electrical engineering students tasked with redesigning Birmingham New Street Station and assessing and improving the ‘onward journey’ for passengers travelling through the city.

Alongside four other teams from colleges and universities across the UK, the South & City students were provided with an insight into HS2 and ‘mobility as a service’ through workshops and presentations at the High Speed Rail College in Birmingham.

After pitching their proposal to a panel of judges including Cathy Travers (Regional General Manager for Europe and UK, Mott MacDonald), Dyan Crowther (CEO of High Speed 1), Anna-Jane Hunter (Director of North of England Rail & Network Rail) and other industry professionals, they won first place, receiving the Gold Crest Award.

"From the beginning, our team were in it to win it,” said Bee Narga-Martin, HE outreach advisor for South & City College Birmingham. “It was amazing for the students to win the regional heat, so we are really excited and thrilled that they brought home the national trophy too.

“The sponsors noticed the team's growth in confidence since the regionals, which they believed was reflected in their presentation. It is a fantastic accolade not only for the students that took part, but also a proud moment for South & City College Birmingham."