Loughborough Uni launches new science podcast

A new podcast ‘Cuppa with a Scientist’ has been launched by Loughborough University, aiming to inspire tomorrow’s engineers, biologists, technicians and researchers.

Hosted by Loughborough PR and communications officer and aspiring scientist, Meg Cox, the podcast will see a different scientist interviewed each episode, exploring their academic journey to the top.

The show will also explore how some of Loughborough’s academic stars went from confused teenagers choosing A-Level subjects, to leaders in their field – with plenty of weird and wonderful stories and golden nuggets of advice shared along the way.

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“Last year, I made the tough decision to return to university part-time and explore my love of biology,” said Meg.

“When trying to decide whether to go ahead and take the plunge, I found resources such as podcasts incredibly useful, but I could only find field-specific shows – so one specifically on physics and another focused on marine biology, for example. I personally wanted to create something that gives an overview of all the different fields scientists can work in and this is what this show aims to do.

“From health sciences to computer sciences, to environmental sciences and social sciences, we’re going to cover it all and hopefully help listeners on their journey to becoming a scientist.”

The first podcast episode features Dr Tom Matthews, a climate scientist at Loughborough’s Geography and Environment Department who made headlines in 2019 after installing the world’s highest weather station on Mount Everest. Dr Matthews discusses his academic journey on frosty fieldwork trips, ongoing research, and the importance of studying climate science and science as a whole.

Future episodes will see Meg joined by Professor Amanda Daley, an expert in behavioural medicine; Professor Elizabeth Stokoe, a leader in social interaction and conversation analysis; physicist Dr Sarah Bugby, whose research interests include nuclear medicine; and Dr Gemma Witcomb, a Senior Lecturer in psychology exploring the impact of gender on everyday psychological functioning