Contract marks industry-first for OptaSense

OptaSense has contracted with Petroleum Development Oman to provide the industry’s first multi-well 4D distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) vertical seismic profiling (VSP) system.

The company will deploy its DAS fibre-optic technology to monitor and map the performance of up to 12 steam-injected oil wells in a brownfield development at South Oman Salt Basin.

The service contract for time-lapse measurements is for three years, with a further two optional years and scalable scope of work, for deployment in multiple production settings.

OptaSense will record seismic signals from fibre-optic cables attached to each well’s production tubing, permanently installed and linked to a surface data gathering centre.

The final processed data set will be integrated into PDOs reservoir models, and assist in the determination of fluid substitution through production and hence contribute towards the positioning of infill wells.