Contract news

19tonne gear units for Taiwan

Gear units ordered by Derby based Herr Voss are on their way to the Chang Mien Industries’ stainless steel mill in Taiwan. The two gear units are the largest ever to be shipped from the Huddersfield factory of Hansen Transmissions are to be used as drives for an uncoiler and recoiler for a coil grinding line.

The reduction ratio is 128.65:1 and the input speed steplessly variable to 2613rpm.

In-motion system for wagon weighing

An in-motion weighing system for 700ton torpedo rail vehicles, at the south Chinese Wuhan steel plant, has been commissioned. As a result of its completion, and successful commission, Schenck Process has received orders to replace other rail weighbridges for wagon weighing in the Wuhan plant.Schenk believes this is the largest in-motion weighing system in the world.

Turkish processing plant completed

Under a £1.3 million contract, a complete milk and whey processing plant has been installed and commissioned by Entropie-Serit, a Weir Group company, for SUTAS, the third largest Turkish milk producer. It can process 200,000l/day of milk and whey. The system was chosen because it can handle a variety of products.

Deep shaft pumping station contract

As part of its Workington Wastewater Treatment scheme, North West Water has awarded a contract worth £800,000 to SPP Projects an associate company of Sterling Fluid Systems for the supply and installation of mechanical and electrical pumping plant for the John Pier Pumping Station. Bechtel Water Technology designed the station and is managing the construction.

One of the station’s jobs is to manage excess storm water.