Contract win expected to generate $80 million

Smiths Aerospace has recently been selected by Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation to provide actuators for the Airbus A380 Air Generation System (AGS).

The program is expected to generate more than $80 million in revenues, resulting from aircraft deliveries forecasted through to 2020.

The units will be designed and manufactured at the Smiths Aerospace Actuation Systems facility in New Jersey. Smiths will deliver the hardware to be certified by early 2006.

According to Smiths Aerospace, ram and valve actuators are key elements of the AGS. The ram actuators open and close the inlet/outlet doors into the air stream to provide air to the Air Generation Unit (AGU). The zone trim valves control cabin temperature and the bypass valves allow compressed air to be diverted for AGU performance control as required.

This award is the sixth contract awarded to Smiths Aerospace on the new 555 seat aircraft.

Previous awards include systems for landing gear extension and retraction, operation of wing flaps & slats, landing gear actuation, fabricated assemblies for the wing structure and video switching for the aircraft.

Starting in 2006, these contracts are expected to generate more than $1 billion for Smiths over the lifetime of the aircraft.