Control up to 288 I/O

Horner APG is introducing the OCS Operator Control Station, a logic controller with integrated operator interface that can control up to 288 digital I/O. The station can be used in standalone or distributed applications, supporting DeviceNet, peer-to-peer communication over CsCAN and Modbus RTU slave communications.

With hardware and software integrated from the ground up, the OCS significantly eases design and implementation; because the system integrates important functions into a single, compact package, end users benefit from an easy to use control system that improves local and remote monitoring and that shares information with plant wide networks.

The OCS family includes several models to meet different control needs. Common features include a ladder-based control engine and SmartStack analog and digital I/O modules, floating point math, real-time clock, up to 64k bytes of ladder logic storage and small (5 x 9 x 2in) size.