Controller opens doors to the future

Accu-Tech Systems has launched an intelligent networked access control designed to provide secure on-line or off-line door access management at an affordable price.

Series 7000 controllers can be configured to operate in three different modes – batch online, interactive or stand-alone. Interactive mode provides most of the intelligence on the host PC, with decisions regarding access rights being made in real time by the host software. In Batch Online mode the access decisions are performed by the controller using local intelligence which is downloaded periodically, and the access data passed back to the host for processing. In the stand-alone mode the controller can be operated completely independent of a PC through an intelligent badge manager function which allows badges to be added or deleted from individual controllers, using a master badge.

Each controller can be configured to restrict access to individual employees at particular times of the day or days of the week, thus preventing unauthorised access outside of the normal working hours. In addition an anti-passback feature prevents employees from passing their badges to other employees to gain multiple access through a particular door.

Connection to the host is via a standard RS485 interface using CAT5 structured cabling, allowing up to 256 controllers to be networked to a single serial port.

A range of standard input devices is available providing support for magnetic stripe or proximity badges as well as a conventional numeric keyboard. All of the devices can be located remotely from the controller and are suitable for either internal or external use.