Controlling temperature

The new NAiS KT range of temperature controllers from Matsushita Electric Works includes multi-type input ranges and RS485 based Modbus Communications.

The NAiS KT range has a communication option that offers the ability to connect up to 31 units on a RS485 network and have a host controller, using the Modbus protocol, centrally controlling the units.

Each model also offers a dual display informing of the PV (Process Value) and SV (Setpoint Value) with red and green 4 digit displays respectively. Indication is also provided for output activation. Parameter setting and modification can also be carried out via a menu system that is accessed through membrane switches mounted on the front of each unit.

The default control mode of each model is set to PID and this control mode ensures an input span of just ±0.2%. However, the following control modes can be selected through the configuration menus: PI, PD (with manual reset), P (with manual reset) and ON/OFF control. Full auto tuning is available in the PID mode. In addition to an Alarm output, control outputs are available in Relay type, Non-contact DC Voltage or DC Current. All ranges can accept sensing devices with the following outputs: Thermocouple, RTD, DC current and DC voltage.

The controllers are available in 4 different types that cover the following sizes: 48 x 48mm, 48 x 96mm, 96 x 96mm and a compact 22.5 x 75mm DIN Rail mount version.

Models are also available in 24VAC/DC or 100-240VAC supply. The front panel of each device is rated at IP66. All products within the range are compliant with CE marking and are also UL and CSA certified.

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