Convenient and compact

UltraCell Corporation has developed a new fuel cell power source for portable electronic devices that has twice the energy density of lithium batteries.

UltraCell’s reformed methanol fuel cell (RMFC) technology uses a micro reformer to generate fuel-cell-ready hydrogen from a highly concentrated methanol solution.

The portable power system weighs in at just 40 ounces and is about as big as a paperback novel.

The system’s spent fuel canisters can be instantly “hot swapped,” as needed, to provide continuous power in any remote situation.

A complete UltraCell system includes fuel processor, fuel cell stack, control system and a replaceable fuel cartridge. Based on proprietary control algorithms, the control system manages a steady flow of power by adjusting pump and compressor settings.

The micro fuel cell generates no excess water, and consequently does not need a water management system, saving size, weight and cost versus alternative micro fuel cell systems.

In addition, the system uses a high temperature membrane assembly (MEA) from Pemeas in its fuel cell stack, resulting in high tolerance to CO and impurities.