Converting data into a common format

Information exchange is now possible between designers and suppliers all using different CAD systems.

The development of the Rover 75 demonstrates the central role data conversion plays in the design and production process. The bodyshell is first styled in ICEMsurf, engineered in CATIA and the data model is then translated into CADDS for the Digital Mock Up (DMU). Every group of designers has reasons for its choice of CAD system, none would be happy to compromise that choice to standardise on a single CAD system.

Many external suppliers are also involved, sending and receiving information.

CADverter, a suite of bi-directional data translation products from Theorem Solutions has played an indispensable role in making that information exchange possible. It enables each department, and supplier, to select a CAD system based on its own particular requirements, while at the same time maintaining data exchange capability, preserving CAD independence, protecting CAD investment, and maximising design opportunities.

Rover engineers translate between 2000 and 2500 CAD models each month, with file sizes ranging from 1Mb to 30Mb.

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