Conveying a faster chain

Tsubaki has introduced the Double Plus free flow conveyor chain, which conveys objects 2.5 times faster than the actual chain speed.

Consequently, motor speeds up to 60% slower can be used, leading to improved system reliability and reductions in chain noise by as much as 15dB compared to outboard plastic roller chains.

Double Plus employs a design that incorporates a large centre roller, and a smaller outer roller, which supports the chain on a guide rail.

When engaged, the large centre rollers rotate at the same rpm as the small rollers. However, since the diameter of the large rollers is approximately 2.5 times that of the smaller ones, conveyed objects move along approximately 2.5 times faster than the chain.

The benefits of this design are that chain speeds up to 60% slower can be used without affecting the object conveying speed.

Tsubaki offers Double Plus chain with snap covers for conveyor applications.

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