Conveyor drive meets environmental needs

The Dynaroll air powered conveyor drive from Dynatork Air Motors has been specifically designed to meet the demands of the food, pharmaceutical and chemical processing industries, and for use in harsh environmental or hazardous areas.

The Dynaroll offers a variable speed drive with maximum torque at start and with near instant stop/start under full load. Being pneumatically powered, heat transfer problems are eliminated and, in the event of the conveyor becoming jammed, the drive will not burn out or become a hazard as the air motor can stall indefinitely without damage.

The drive unit is constructed in either stainless steel, acetal and stainless steel, or aluminium and stainless steel. It can be made for any size from 80mm diameter to 135mm diameter with various face widths.

The unit is totally sealed and can be used in saturated conditions without harm.

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