Cool converter

A power factor correction smart power module implements a partial power factor correction switching converter circuit topology.

Fairchild Semiconductor

has introduced what it claims is the industry’s first Power Factor Correction (PFC) Smart Power Module (SPM) to implement a Partial Power Factor Correction Switching Converter (PSC) circuit topology.

By triggering IGBTs at every half cycle of the line current, the PFC-SPM FSAB20PH60 provides 97% of power factor (typical) and full compliance with the mandatory PFC standard IEC61000-3-2, while offering better EMI characteristics than higher frequency switching topologies.

“The partial switching method is very popular in 1-3 kW air conditioners, however using discrete components – the only currently viable alternative to the new PFC-SPM – requires more assembly time and the required additional heat sink complicates the design process,” said Taehoon Kim, vice president of Fairchild’s High Power product line.

Fairchild’s PFC-SPM combines four rectifier diodes, two IGBTs, a gate-driving IC and a thermistor in a single module. The device’s 44 mm x 26.8 mm Direct Bonded Copper (DBC) substrate package is identical in size and configuration to Fairchild’s motor control (Motion-SPM) module. The two modules are designed to be mounted side-by-side to share a single heat sink.

The PFC-SPM comes in a lead-free Mini-DIP package and costs $13.48 in 100 quantities.