Cool it faster than before

Daat Research Corporation has added multiple processor capabilities to boost the calculating speed of its Coolit CFD thermal and flow analysis software.

When installed into a multiple processor system, Coolit automatically recognises the number of processors and parallelises the computation accordingly. The result is a speed increase that ranges from a minimum of 1.5 times to almost double for dual processors.

Coolit v. 4.50 also adds new shapes to the component library. Tetrahedron, pyramid and spherical cap components join the previously released triangular prism components to make possible more complex shapes and more accurate geometries.

Other changes in the new release included greater editing flexibility, a wider range of component characteristics, and customisable projections in panel views. Coolit v. 4.5 also implements a new advanced model for porous media. The new model is a significant improvement over the standard Brinkman model, which is used in most commercial CFD programs.

All new Coolit v. 4.5 features are available, at no extra charge, with purchase of a basic Coolit license and as free upgrades to existing license holders. Coolit v. 4.5 operates on all Windows-based platforms: Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP and NT.