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Hudson Soft and the Victor Company of Japan have developed new copy protection technology they claim will prevent people from copying CD-ROMs onto CD-R/RW discs.

Hudson Soft and the Victor Company of Japan (JVC) have collaborated on the development of ‘Root’ CD-ROM copy protection technology.

‘Root’ copy protection technology records a special encryption key onto a CD-ROM at the time the CD-ROM is pressed so that an error is returned if an attempt is made to play back the software from a copied disc.

The technology aims to prevent CD-ROMs from being illegally copied to CD-R/RW discs.

There have been other copy protection technologies in the past to use encryption keys, but, Hudson Soft claims that the encryption key can easily be decrypted during normal playback, making it possible to copy the disc.

The new technology developed by Hudson and JVC uses a special technique to keep the key hidden, thereby reducing the chance of the key being broken.

The encryption key is recorded in a different place and with a different code for each disc title.

Hudson claims that the ‘Root’ technology can also be applied to DVDs and other media.

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