Corrosion protection

Poeton Industries has introduced Apticote 250, a range of modified polymer coatings that offer increased corrosion protection when applied to aluminium alloys with a high silicon content.

The new range was initially developed as a top coating for Poeton’s Keronite 3000M coating for magnesium.

Commenting on the corrosion protection problems associated with high silicon aluminium alloys, Poeton’s Trevor Amos says they are extremely difficult to anodise because of their high silicon content and the resulting anodic film tends to form poorly, offer limited corrosion protection and does not generally have a very attractive finish.

He adds that Apticote 250 has proved its effectiveness by withstanding over 1,500 hours of ASTM B117 salt fog testing with no sign of corrosion, making it ideal for use in the marine and automotive industries where manufacturers currently require coatings to withstand up to 1,000 hours.

The coating provides complete and uniform coverage of any component or metallic substrate and can be applied in a range of colours to help customers achieve aesthetic objectives for their products.