Counting the cost for free

Baldor has published a free software program which analyses in cost terms exactly what benefits electric motor users can gain by installing new generations of highly energy-efficient products.

Called BE$T, the software calculates the annual electricity cost of the typical nominal efficiency motor installed today, and then compares it to the consumption of equivalent motors manufactured to achieve high operating efficiencies – including the ‘premium’ grades which meet CEMEP standards.

BE$T then recommends a replacement commercial motor for the application in question, showing the payback period in months.

As the cost of a motor usually represents little more than 10% of its annual energy consumption for automation operating continuously or on multiple-shift processes, the payback period can be surprisingly short – sometimes as little as a year or less.

Operating profiles that can achieve this are common in industrial sectors including chemical/petrochemical plants, water and utilities, paper mills, mining, steel/metal, automotive, and larger food and beverage plants.

Moreover, if the motors under analysis are candidates for adjustable speed drives, added energy savings are automatically calculated by BE$T, providing a further incentive for end users to consider upgrading.

Baldor’s BE$T software accepts data entry three ways: via keyboard, import of a project from Excel, or the import of data from a PDA such as a Palm Pilot. It has a built-in report writer for simple summary and detailed reports.

BE$T is available free of charge: copies may be obtained by emailing <A href=’’></a>or calling +44 (0)1454 850 000.

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