Couplings and gears

Winflex couplings are all-metal units offering protection from shock loads, impact loads and vibration. The range includes: Type S heavy duty units with torque ratings up to 80,000daNm; Type BSAT and BSA, single cover models for flywheel and pulley applications; Type CPF for brakewheel use; Type TDF for disc brake units; and Type TDB and TADB for disengaging and automatic disengaging jobs.

There are also models suitable for horizontal or vertical mounting, available in 13 sizes and with torque ratings from 9daNm to 16,000daNm, and a spacer type unit T.NPE, available with torque ratings from 9daNm to 1250daNm. For confined spaces, the DG model is available in 10 sizes with torque ratings from 4.8daNm to 860daNm and power ratings from 0.5kW/100rpm to 90kW/100rpm.

Complementing the couplings is Flexident, a crowned tooth gear coupling, comprising two flanged all-steel sleeves with internal spur teeth. Linked by alloy steel fasteners, they mesh with two crowned tooth hubs, profiled to obtain the best alignments. There are four standard models in the J range, each in nine sizes with torque ratings from 70daNm to 4150daNm. In the Z range there are seven standard models, each available in 15 sizes with torque ratings from 120daNm to 16,000daNm, for horizontal or vertical mounting.

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