Court rules in favour of ARM

A US Federal judge in California has ruled that Cambridge, UK-based ARM has not infringed Nazomi Communications’ US Patent, allowing it to continue developing its Jazelle Java technology.

A US Federal judge in California has ruled that ARM, the Cambridge, UK-based embedded RISC microprocessor solutions provider, has not infringed Nazomi Communications’ US Patent.

Nazomi had initiated a patent infringement suit against ARM in May 2002 alleging that ARM’s Jazelle technology infringed on Nazomi’s US patent 6,332,215. ARM claims to have redesigned its technology to avoid infringement of the patent.

ARM’s Jazelle Technology for Java acceleration gives software developers the ability to run Java applications alongside established OS, middleware and application code on a single processor, rather than coprocessors and dual-processor solutions.

Now, only the part of the lawsuit that relates to earlier, discontinued ARM prototypes will proceed. The decision means that ARM may continue to bring designs of microprocessor solutions incorporating its Jazelle Java accelerator technology to market.

Nazomi Communications said it was disappointed over the court’s order granting partial summary judgment in favour of ARM.

‘We respectfully disagree with the court’s decision that the current version of ARM Jazelle technology does not violate the Nazomi patent and we intend to appeal this ruling to the court, ‘ said Mukesh Patel, President and Chief executive officer of Nazomi.

‘We are confident of our patent position. If we allow this decision to stand, all companies that innovate risk having their intellectual property rights unjustly expropriated.’