CP Automation enters joint venture with Comsys

CP Automation has formed a new joint venture project with Swedish active filter manufacturer Comsys AB, which allows CP Automation to act as a complete ‘one stop’ for passive and active harmonic solutions.

Comsys AB’s business is built around onsite measurements, power quality analysis and solutions based on ADF active filter core technology to optimise electrical equipment operation and minimise disturbances.

Comsys provides ADF for OEM use, helping manufacturers of industrial equipment to cut power consumption and guarantee their customers that the products will not disturb nearby equipment, complying with set standards like IEEE519, G5/4 and EN61000-2-2.

According to Scunthorpe-based CP Automation, conventional techniques for dealing with power quality problems use fixed filter banks configured to match a specific installation. At best these solutions only compensate for 60-80 per cent of the losses due to their relatively slow response times. With the introduction of active conditioners, such as ADF, response times are brought down to microseconds.