CPCI subrack for rear I/O boards

For rear I/O CPCI subrack systems, Schroff has developed a new range of rear-mount I/O subracks for use in high I/O connection systems.

This dual arrangement enables active boards to be placed at the front of a CPCI system where they can be accessed easily for hot-swapping, and passive boards – which are less likely to be disturbed – to be situated to the rear of a system with complex wiring and power supplies.

The rear mount I/O subrack systems fully comply with the IEE 1101.11 standard for rear board mounting.

CPCI combines the advantages of proven PC technology with the robustness of 19in systems. The PCI bus is coupled with a rugged subrack to produce a low cost, reliable alternative to VME. Basing CPCI on a standard PC technology ensures hardware and software are both well supported and competitively priced.

According to Schroff, over the next few years, it is predicted that CPCI will become the de facto microcomputer packaging systems standard in telecommunications, network and data systems, automation and control, traffic and medical systems around the world.

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