CPS – Plastic Energy Chains

Metreel a leading supplier of cable and hose management solutions has launched a completely new range of plastic energy chain systems. Branded “Cable Protection Systems” or “CPS” the range includes solutions for unsupported, sliding, vertical hanging and standing, side mounted, opposite, side by side, rotary and combined movement applications.

Designed to protect and convey cables and hoses for X, Y, Z and rotational axis motions on machine tools, robots, materials handling equipment and industrial machinery the new CPS range is an innovatively designed low cost / high quality solution. A wide range of models and capacities are available from stock. We also have the ability to offer complete pre-assembled systems to include your required flexibles and plug connectors.

End bracket configurations, including the EASY style connector can be attached in all directions to suit your equipment. An innovative ‘Tie Wrap’ system is also available to eliminate the risk of flexibles tangling whilst in use. Dividers and separators are available to compartmentalise your flexibles and a range of guide trays and rollers are available to assist with long travel applications.

Complete details of this new range can be found on our website, simply visit www.metreel.co.uk/cps alternatively a product overview catalogue is available, call our sales office on telephone: 0115 932 7010.

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