Cranfield and Boeing join forces

Cranfield University has linked with aerospace giant Boeing to unveil plans for a centre of excellence for advanced condition monitoring technologies.

The new centre for Integrated Vehicle Health Management (IVHM) will carry out research into new techniques for monitoring and assessing the condition of complex systems such as aircraft, ships, high-speed trains and cars.

IVHM uses sensors distributed throughout the vehicle to collect data from components and sub-systems, which is then analysed by on-board processors to assess their condition and predict any maintenance or safety issues.

Boeing is the launch partner for the new centre, and its Phantom Works unit – the company’s advanced R&D division – will be involved in work carried out at the new facility, which will be built on the University Technology Park next to the main campus.

The centre of excellence will be equipped with high-speed communications links to the testing and hardware laboratories of partner organisations around the world.

‘The new IVHM initiative is another example of Boeing’s commitment to growth in the UK,’ said the aerospace group’s UK president Sir Roger Bone.

Cranfield said it is looking for further partners for the project, which is also supported by the East of England Development Agency.