Cranking it up in Texas

New home theatre digital audio devices from Texas Instruments include the industry’s first all-digital amplifier with 100W output.

Texas Instruments has introduced a new line of digital audio amplification products. Among the new line up is the industry’s first 100W all-digital audio amplifier, which enables a manufacturer to shrink the height of an audio/video (A/V) receiver to one quarter of the typical size.

TI’s latest product lines will increase digital amplifier power output, number of channels available and sound quality, while reducing power consumption, system cost and form factor size in targeted audio devices, ranging from DVD and A/V receivers to mini-component systems.

TI’s new Digital Amplifier Power Stage Controller, the TAS5182, manages the delivery of a full 100 W at 6 ohms for driving speakers in home theatre applications. With the TAS5182’s efficiency, a typical heatsink’s size is reduced by 90% and power supply requirements are reduced by 50%, saving both space and cost.

The device is designed with a new architecture that uses external, discrete MOSFETs (metal-oxide semiconductor field effect transistors) for the H-bridge and achieves efficiency of more than 95%.

One other new entry, the TAS5110 digital amplifier, supplies 50W amplification. With efficiencies greater than 90%, the TAS5110 is available in two PowerPad package options: one with a thermal pad on the bottom for sinking heat into the board, and the other with a thermal pad on top for more traditional methods of heat dissipation.

TI’s new PWM processors support all sample rates currently used in the market, including DVD-audio’s 192-kilohertz requirement.

Its first multi-channel digital amplifier, the six-channel TAS5026 PWM audio processor is targeted specifically at reducing the cost of digital amplifiers in multi-channel systems. In addition to its digital signal processing and fourth-order noise-shaping capabilities, the device provides independent 24-bit volume control for each channel and employs a patented soft-volume algorithm that provides a smooth, analog-like sound when the volume is changed. The device sports a signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of 96 decibels.

The new six-channel TAS5036 PWM audio processor adds to the features of the TAS5026 with an even higher SNR of 102 dB and is targeted at high performance A/V and DVD receivers.

All the products are currently sampling. Full production of the TA5026, 5036, 5182 will be at the end of June, while the 5110 is available in production quantities now.

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