Crawling inside the press tool

Press tool designers might well be interested in Optris, a package that allows engineers to simulate the press tool in operation and thereby highlight and correct potential problems prior to tool manufacture. Although the pressing process is complex, engineers do not have to have any knowledge of computational analysis to use the software.

The designer can see inside the press and visualise what is actually happening during the stamping operation. For example, Optris will show pressed part characteristics such as deformation caused by gravity of the raw material in the tool prior to pressing, material thinning, rupture and tearing, crease formation and material scoring.

The package also calculates post-forming spring-back and press tool forces. What is more, it supports standard pressing practices such as drawbeads and progression stamping.

The graphical interface is suited to the tool designer: the tool geometry, for instance, can be imported directly from CAD software. Optris is available in the UK from Desktop Engineering.

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