Cream distribution gets a lift

Watson Dairies a dairy which dispatches some 100,000l of milk and cream a day has had installed by Britannia Lift, a twin, heavy duty (12,000kg) hydraulic lift table to help assist in the operation.

Located in a temperature controlled storage area, the lift table serves the loading bay from which dairy produce is collected. A refrigerated vehicle backs up to the loading bay and locks to a sealing device attached to the outside of the doorway. This forms a temperature lock to ensure produce can be loaded without being exposed to higher than optimum temperatures.

The lift features several special options. Along both sides of the 8000mm 3 2500mm platform there are 1.1m posts with detachable chains linking them. The inside end of the platform houses bi-parting 1.1m high, electrically interlocked swing gates.

Britannia Lift. Tel: 01795 664581