Crocus and SMIC announce strategic manufacturing deal

Crocus Technology, a provider of magnetically enhanced semiconductors, and SMIC, an advanced semiconductor foundry in China, have announced a strategic manufacturing agreement.

SMIC is set to supply CMOS wafers to produce magnetic logic unit (MLU) devices at 90nm, 65nm and 45nm nodes, with a path to process the entire flow. The wafers will be utilised to manufacture embedded microcontrollers based on Crocus’s new MLU technology for use in next-generation electronic devices.

MLU technology is used in mobile and security applications including smart cards and secure data servers. It is also suitable for use in extreme operating conditions, particularly those experienced by high-temperature automotive and industrial equipment.

Crocus has placed its first orders with SMIC to supply 200mm CMOS wafers, which will be delivered for magnetic processing by the year-end.