Cross licensing leads to dressing up in a PC

Hitachi has entered into a license agreement with Xybernaut in order to develop a Wearable Internet Appliance (WIA) for the consumer market.

Under terms of a recent agreement announced at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City, NY, Hitachi will manufacture and sell its wearable product and OEM it to Xybernaut, who will also sell and market it.

Xybernaut will begin shipping the WIA to US markets before Christmas with pricing under $2,000 depending upon the configuration.

A newly developed superscale Hitachi 32-Bit 128 MHz RISC processor with companion coprocessor will power the 10.9-ounce WIA. It will run Microsoft’s Windows CE 3.0.

The WIA will incorporate a Compact Flash slot, USB port, 32 MB of RAM and a removable internal rechargeable battery. The WIA will provide users with instant on/off Internet access and a SVGA head mount display that will provide a desktop-like viewing experience.

Among the suite of services that Xybernaut will target for the new product will be entertainment in the form of distance learning, music, video and games, GPS, cellular voice communications and paging, interactive banking, shopping, and stock market trading.