Crouzet reduces relay size

By combining the best elements of solid state relay and electro-mechanical relay technology, Crouzet has created the RHP.

In a hybrid power relay (RHP), switching is controlled by a microprocessor. Upon switching on, the circuit is closed by the solid state element and the load energised. The solid state element is then short-circuited a few milliseconds later by an electro-mechanical relay contact which maintains the load. The reverse cycle operates when the circuit is de-energised.

Crouzet has succeeded in reducing the size of its solid state relays by eliminating the need for integrated heat sinks which means eliminating the internal heating effect due to the flow of current through the power electronic components, by combining solid state and electro-mechanical relay technology. By the same means, the relay’s life is optimised.

The hybrid RHP relays can be mounted on DIN rail in a 17.5mm wide housing and offer a switching resistance load capacity of up to 20A. Tested for as many as five million operations, more than 50 times the performance of a standard electro-mechanical relay, the improvement does not limit their lifespan.

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