CSC awarded $25 million to support supply ships

Computer Sciences Corporation has won a task order worth up to $25 million to continue its support of the US Navy’s Strategic Sealift program.

Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) has won a task order from the US Navy to continue its support of the Navy’s Strategic Sealift program, which aims to provide ocean transport for humanitarian and peacekeeping missions.

The task order includes support for the completion and delivery of two new Large Medium-Speed Roll-On/Roll-Off (LMSR) supply ships and is valued at $25 million if all options are exercised over a three-year period.

According to CSC, the company will provide engineering and design facilities as well as professional and engineering services to support the culmination of the decade-long acquisition program for Strategic Sealift supply ships.

Services performed under the new agreement will include program, financial, engineering, logistics and technical library management as well as ship conversion studies and post-shakedown repair and maintenance management.

Since 1992, CSC has supported the acquisition of 18 of the 20 Strategic Sealift LMSR ships planned. First envisioned after the Gulf War, the LMSR ships provide a faster, more robust supply line to expeditionary US forces by offering roll-on/roll-off access ramps instead of traditional crane-operated loading and unloading.

Approximately 65 naval architects, marine engineers, analysts and project support staff from CSC’s Advanced Marine Centre will perform the work called for in the task order in Washington DC, and Tidewater, Virginia.