Cutting indictment

About ten days ago a car crashed on to a railway line in a cutting at HowdenBridge, near Thorpe.

This situation appears to have been an accident waiting to happen, and it is hard to accept the low priority allotted to this site.

The barrier only covered the bridge, but the situation with a cutting is reminiscent of Great Heck in that to crash down the cutting a car would need to come off the road further back — which is exactly what it did.

This would be an excellent site for a really useful speed camera, as drivers come off the 60mph limit on to the 30mph restriction. As there is only 500m or so between the 60mph dual carriageway and the bridge I think it would make sense if the speed limit was extended further back into the dual carriageway. It was only by good luck that there no trains were on the part of the line to which I refer to cause a fatal accident and that there was an alert train driver to avert further rail traffic.

J Gray