Cutting through the rubbish

Wighty’s web world – a regular feature written by Richard Wightman of Design Engineering Online

Rubbish seems to be something there’s an abundance of, and there’s plenty of it where the world wide web is concerned. Recently I attended an Internet course and one of the exercises was to find on the web a map of Leicester. With Leicester being my home town, I had high hopes. The search, however, turned up 30 million pages, and if that isn’t enough to make your heart sink, the sixth entry was a 1995-96 Division 1 schedule.

True, it got the first time users well acquainted with the breadth of information out there, but it also demonstrated the enormous amount of nonsense that clogs the lines.

So the purpose of this, the first of a regular column in Design Engineering is to clear the path to useful information. I don’t believe in making simple issues trendy or over complicated, so where possible, cyber-babble is out.

The most common problem associated with the Internet is in finding what you’re looking for. One quick and easy tip is to bookmark (or add favourites to) the site. Why not start with the Design Engineering web site ( Amongst other things, this site gives allows you to search through archive copies of Design Engineering by subject area, saving valuable time and effort when searching for information. The site is full of relevant information and is being constantly developed to help you at work.

The beauty of the Internet is its immediacy. Site owners can change their information, add to it, or drop it altogether as and when they please. The same is true of Design Engineering Online. The site’s editor, Dave Wilson, is keen to hear of any ideas you might have to improve its content. Feel free to email him on

Coming soon is the Virtual Automation Exhibition. This will run alongside the Virtual Expo dot EMC Fair. INA Bearing is the first of many stands which will be on show for an entire year. So check out what they’ve got to offer and keep your eyes open for more stands following in coming weeks.