C&W and Silver Spring sign for energy sustainability project

Cable & Wireless Worldwide (C&W Worldwide) and Silver Spring Networks have signed an agreement to participate in the Eco-Island Partnership, the largest energy sustainability project in the UK.

The Eco-Island Partnership’s objective is to make the Isle of Wight energy self-sufficient by 2020.

The project will implement wind, solar, tidal and geothermal renewable energy generation technologies connected to a smart grid to deliver clean energy reliably and efficiently.
C&W Worldwide and Silver Spring will provide a smart grid platform to link renewable technologies, the grid and all of the homes and businesses across the Isle of Wight into an integrated system.

This will be the UK’s first holistic, self-sustaining smart grid system and will help the community to manage energy supply and demand with greater efficiency.

C&W Worldwide and Silver Spring Networks will deploy ubiquitous, secure, low-cost network connectivity for the smart grid that will be utilised across a broad set of secure, pervasive, IPv6-based smart grid and smart metering initiatives.