Cybit’s seismic sale

Chessington, Surrey-based Cybit Positioning Solutions has signed a contract worth at least £500,000 per year with a key supplier of heavy land seismic exploration equipment.

Cybit will supply VHF radio based tracking and precise positioning equipment to the customer, who has not been named, over a seven year period.

The company is contracted to deliver its Cybit Tracs – TDMA product, which it says will provide a flexible and intelligent VHF radio network which is fully integrated with GPS positioning, to provide tight tracking and precise positioning control across land seismic spreads.

This will result in replacing several radios within the one unit and integrating GPS, which has significant cost and operational advantages and should result in increased safety and operational efficiency in complex and expensive operations. This type of procedure is often carried out in what Cybit describes as environmentally challenging parts of the world.

Cybit’s customer has previously purchased the product through its operational arm, but is now offering the system as a factory option. The customer has invested heavily in the technical infrastructure to make best use of the Cybit Tracs-TDMA functionality.