Cycling team

Frazer-Nash Consultancy has completed a prototype cycling Ergometer for use by Great Britain’s cycling team.

The machine has been specifically designed for sprint cyclists, to stimulate the resistance experienced when accelerating maximally. It uses a heavy flywheel, which is geared to give an inertial load matched to the individual rider’s mass and standard track bike setup. The flywheel includes a fan, providing more resistance when the rotational speed increases.

Frazer-Nash project manager Alasdair Wylie said: ‘This machine has been specifically designed to stimulate the dynamic speed resistance curve experienced by elite sprint athletes. It also measures the power developed by the rider by using a standard set of cranks manufactured by SRM.’

He added: ‘The intention is for this to be used for coaching and lab-based testing in a controlled environment, removing the need to compensate for external factors.’

The concept was put forward by British Cycling and the English Institute of Sport (EIS) before its development by Frazer Nash. The project is one of a number supported by UK Sport’s research & innovation programme.