D1 Oils boosts biodiesel

Biodiesel producer D1 Oils has announced that an upgrade to its Teesside refinery designed to increase its capacity by 10,000 tonnes will be operational by September 2007.


The first phase of the company’s project to convert its second refining site at Bromborough for biodiesel production is also expected to be completed before the end of the year.


The company has also increased its sources of the oil seed crop jatropha through planting or harvesting rights by 18,000 hectares, mainly in India.


D1 oils has also announced that at an extraordinary general meeting held on 29 June 2007, a resolution was passed to approve the company’s proposed joint venture with BP International, to be called  D1-BP Fuel Crops Limited. It will grant BP an option to acquire up to 11,725,467 new ordinary shares in the company.