Dangling cables a thing of the past

Have you ever injured your fingers in a vain attempt to secure the masonry nails of cable clips? Hitting them home can seem almost impossible. Either they won’t go in, they break, or the head comes off! Even when you are busy congratulating yourself on the successful fixing of one, there is the sudden realisation that others have to be driven home – a daunting prospect.

Fortunately, there is a solution, a new patented cable fixing concept called CablePlug, which provides a quick, simple and unique approach to anchoring and fixing. In essence, it is a bifurcated cable clip that retains cable by a secure and novel method.

In use, it is first slipped around a cable then simply inserted into a correctly sized, pre-drilled hole in masonry, wood, metal etc. It is a neat and stable alternative to traditional C clips.

The patent covers a range of sizes and different shaped ends for various applications including pipes, chains, ropes etc.

CablePlug’s inventor is now looking for a partner to take the product into full production.

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