Daniel Thwaites Brewery cuts its carbon footprint

Daniel Thwaites Brewery cuts its carbon footprint
thanks to Spirax Sarco maintenance contract

Daniel Thwaites Brewery is enjoying estimated energy savings of more than £30,000 per year through a three-year steam trap management contract with Spirax Sarco. The savings are based on Spirax Sarco’s assessment of the steam that is being saved by regular, scheduled monitoring and maintenance of the site’s 220-strong steam trap population. This saving should enable the brewery to reduce its annual carbon emissions by 20,000kg.

Spirax Sarco has been carrying out steam trap surveys at the Blackburn-based brewery for many years, but switching to a longer-term contract including six-monthly surveys offers clear advantages, according to Mick Cockshott, Projects and Utilities Manager at Daniel Thwaites Brewery.

The new contract includes repair and replacement activity as part of the deal, making it more cost-effective and easier for the brewer to manage its maintenance budget. “In the past we have had annual trap surveys done and then had to get the traps repaired at additional cost,” he says. Spirax Sarco now carries out any follow up maintenance automatically.

The contract also means that no one at the brewery has to remember when to call in the Spirax Sarco team, so there is no chance of this vital maintenance work slipping behind. “Surveys are scheduled in by Spirax Sarco, so there’s no need to put a reminder in the diary,” Mr. Cockshott says.

Handing responsibility for important maintenance to an external contractor naturally calls for a good working relationship between the two companies, according to Mr. Cockshott: “We have been working with Spirax Sarco for many years and find their service and components excellent. The contract has been running for about six months and is going well. I am pleased with the service.”

Daniel Thwaites Brewery is a family run business and part of Daniel Thwaites plc. The Blackburn plant brews 35 million litres a year of beer and packages 75 million litres of beer and cider. The company’s main brands are Lancaster Bomber, Flying Shuttle, Wainwrights and Kaltenburg.

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