Darchem invests in insulation

TeesValley fire protection systems company Darchem Engineering Limited (DEL) is undertaking a £315,000 expansion and creating 40 new jobs in the process.

DEL specialises in engineering solutions for high-temperature problems, using computer-aided design techniques alongside its onsite fire testing facilities.

Headquartered in Stockton, the firm has secured a Selective Finance for Investment grant from One NorthEast to bolster its expansion projects, which will include the extension of its insulation systems facility and thermal protection business unit.

The insulation business facility at Darchem Engineering specialises in lightweight thermal insulation systems for aerospace, industrial, marine and high performance cars. It has developed a number of new products for various large customers, including Airbus, Boeing, Spirit Aerosystems, Rolls-Royce and Volvo.

Darchem Engineering has a strong presence in the global marketplace, exporting 40 per cent of its sales. Increased demand for aerospace, oil and gas products worldwide have increased demand at the company’s facilities, which are currently operating to capacity.