DashDSP has Code-Compatible DSP Core

Based on ADI’s new 219x DSP core, the ADMCF5xx DashDSP Digital Motor Controller is targeted at the industrial and appliance motor control market and uninterruptable power supply applications.

Future markets for new derivatives will include home, factory and office automation system-on-a-chip (SOC) applications where memory integration, advanced programming languages and integrated communications peripherals are required.

The static 219x DSP core enables the speed of the ADMCF5xx series to be user selectable from 0 to 150 MIPS. The integration of up to 128k bytes of embedded flash memory enables system software modifications and system upgrades. With 10-, 12- and 14-bit A/D converter systems, customers can select a device that matches their system sensing specifications and cost requirements.

The family is supported by ADI’s VisualDSP tools, which incorporates a C++ compiler.

The ADMCF5xx series is augmented by peripherals such as 3 to 6 phase 16 bit PWMs with single- or dual-encoder interfaces for multi axis motor control. Motor current sampling can be achieved through the use of DC link or inverter shunt techniques, with user programmable converter sampling times.

Precision voltage reference, a power-on reset circuit, and auxiliary PWMs capable of implementing power factor correction are also included. Additionally, various communication peripherals such as a full CAN bus, UARTs, SPORTs and a JTAG interface have been integrated into the family.

Product variations of the ADMCF5xx family will be initially priced from $2.95 – $20.00 based on features, performance and quantities. Volume production is scheduled for the first quarter of 2001.