Data acquisition

National Instruments has announced the PXI-4204 and PXI-4220, the first two products in its new SC Series of data acquisition (DAQ) devices with integrated signal conditioning. The new SC Series integrates with LabVIEW 7 Express, making it possible to acquire and analyse high-voltage and high-speed strain with 16-bit measurement accuracy.

Each device in the new SC Series integrates measurement-specific signal conditioning onto a 16-bit PXI data acquisition module (based on the compactPCI bus) and provides simultaneous sampling at rates up to 200 kS/s. Engineers and scientists can reduce development time and save space by connecting signals or sensors directly to these data acquisition modules, eliminating the need for external, front-end signal conditioning.

The PXI-4220 module is designed for structural test and aerospace applications, including high-speed strain, load and pressure measurements. The 100 V input range of the PXI-4204 module makes it suitable for high-voltage applications, such as 14V and 42V automotive measurements.

In addition to providing new measurement capabilities in an integrated platform, National Instruments claim that the two PXI DAQ/compactPCI modules also deliver a lower price point than traditional systems for low-channel-count applications. For eight-channel solutions, SC Series devices provide a cost savings of up to 46% over NI and other leading market solutions, such as an E Series DAQ device connected to NI SCXI signal conditioning.

NI SCXI signal conditioning is ideal for applications requiring additional sensor inputs or higher channel counts. The PXI-4204 and PXI-4220 modules also use the PXI bus, so system integrators can synchronise timing and triggering signals between multiple devices. Both modules are fully compatible with any PXI or compactPCI controller and chassis.