Database spots potential for solar power on buildings

The GeoInformation Group has developed a database that can be used to identify buildings in the UK that could be suitable for solar panel installation.

Buildings are identified and graded by the amount of sun they receive to determine their appropriateness for photovoltaic panel installation. The procedure considers each property’s roof height, position, size, location and any obstructions such as trees or other buildings that may impede sunlight.

’We are extremely keen to encourage greater uptake of this alternative energy source by offering a quick and intuitive product that highlights all those properties best suited for solar power installation,’ said Alun Jones, managing director of the GeoInformation Group.

The mapping database measures solar insulation (direct and indirect solar radiation) in kW/m2 during a single day, over a period of time or spanning an entire year. The properties are colour coded in a GIS or as a database where each category is classified on the relative or absolute solar energy received by that building.

The Solar Energy Mapping system can be used by a whole range of clients who wish to pinpoint the solar potential of residential, commercial and public buildings including local authorities, housing associations and utility companies.